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    Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most popular translation services provided during conferences, congresses, conventions, multilingual deliberations and courses. It consists in translating a speech in a foreign language as it goes with the interpreter sitting in a special sound-proof booth. In most cases, the service is delivered by a team of two interpreters who use sound equipment to convey the content to the audience.

    We provide comprehensive language services for business, academic and cultural events across the country. Our professional interpreters show extensive field knowledge and excellent language skills. They continue to develop their competences and vocabulary to be able to render a message regardless of its subject-matter and accent.

    With the equipment we use to facilitate simultaneous interpretation, we deliver comfort and ultimate communication. We pay attention to every single detail, from organisational matters through to the sound equipment – microphones, headphones, booths and speakers.
    Depending on the event and venue, we can offer an optimum solution both functionally and financially. Our technical team will make sure the equipment meets the expectations of our most demanding clients.

    We look forward to doing business with you!>